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Here's why you should choose TeamHippo

  • TeamHippo makes it possible to easily organise your team - training, practices, competitions, games and all other events - by automating time consuming duties.

  • Create events with our powerful tools and decide when CoachHippo will send out invitations and reminders. Members answer with a simple push of a button.

  • Before the event, a notice is sent out to the members telling them the time, place and other information.

  • We want your members to have all the information they need easily accessible. Communicate with them using emails and push notices decorated in your club or association colours.

It's Free!

We don't want to lock anyone into expensive, long-term contracts. Our automated invitation and reminder features are, and will remain, free of charge

We charge a small transaction fee whenever you use our feature CashHippo to automate your team finances.

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We want you to focus on your sport and the development of your association. You can get an instant overview of the practical features from the well-designed dashboard containing all information gathered in one spot.

We believe in user friendliness and that the key info is only one click away

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The Right information - always at hand

Using TeamHippo, no one needs to visit a website to search for information. Instead, all the information is pushed out to members at the right time.

All emails are well designed, easy to read and in the club or association colours - all of this to make sure members can easily find out what is happening.

Answering messages has never been easier. Click on the button in the message and everything is done. Members write their own answers or click on preset options. All this without having to log in!

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TeamHippo – A Tool For Managers

Event Calendar

Plan weekly, monthly or an entire season's practices, games, competitions and other events. Once on site, all participants receive reminders and a chance to respond in plenty of time as to whether they can participate.

Membership Management

Accurately managing and updating membership lists is a necessity for all associations. We make sure it is done more or less automatically. Fill in the names of the members and their email addresses and everything is registered directly.

Attendance reporting

Accurate membership lists make it easy to correctly report attendance. Our app makes it even easier! Just click to indicate who is in attendance and compare with the list of those who were enrolled.


Coaches and managers spend much of their time staying in contact with club members, team members or association members. TeamHippo handles much of this automatically. The app becomes the natural place for communication.

Smart Tools In Four Key Areas


Running a team or association has never been easier. Let CoachHippo handle your boring administration.
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Make it easy to collect membership fees and manage finances. Designed so that anyone can be the treasurer.
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Simplify all membership administration and makes it easy for your members to update their information.

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Digitalise board duties and enable online voting. Give everyone in the organisation a vote!

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