Membership Association Management System

We want you to be able to have fun - so we give you an advanced association membership management system with smart features that makes managing your members a lot easier!

Membership management

Take control of your membership registry

Keeping track of your members and their valuable information can be quite time-consuming, and the new GDPR (general data protection regulation) will place new requirements on how you can store and process personal information such as e-mail, phone numbers and other information that can be used to identify an individual.

How do you protect your members information today?

Keep track of any membership information

A big part of treating personal information in a secure and trustworthy way is to work with a concept called 'data minimization' - in plain english it means to only record and process as little information as possible about your members.

We do not provide any attributes out of the box - instead we empower you to create the fields that you are require for you association.

For the sake of transparency (and to adhere to regulations) - your members will always see all information that you enter about them in their profile.


Communicate with your members

We make it easy to communicate with your members via e-mail, and all communication is branded with your colors and logo to ensure that you members knows that the information is coming from you.

You can easily see who has opened your e-mails via our read receipts.


Get GDPR Compliant

Membership agreements and consents are two of the most suitable lawful basis for processing personal information as a club or non-profit.

You can collect and manage digital membership agreements and consents using our integration with Konsento.

Say goodbye to the old and wrinkled paper forms


We will help you import your members

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Just reach out to us on the chat or via e-mail and we will help you get started and import your current member database

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Would you like to get insightful information about your association?

You get access to information such as: What does the in and out flow of members look like on a weekly basis?

How many unique members do we currently have compared to 3 months ago?

How many events did we organise last month and how many attended?

And much more!


Member List

Keep all membership lists up to date. Add, remove and edit membership files quickly. Throw away all papers, binders and Excel files!

Membership Wizard

You add new members using our intuitive membership wizard that guides you through the steps.

Keep Information up to date

Our automated processes periodically asks you members to review their details and update if needed - without having to login!


CoachHippo is built with Privacy By Design and we help you and your association to be GDPR compliant.

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Member Registration Form

You decide if you want to allow external registrations, and which attributes should be shown on the form using our dynamic membership database.

Automatic Invoicing

Yes - that's correct. You can even automatically invoice your members on signup and they won't be activated until the first invoice is paid.

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Guardian, care-giver & family relationships

With the powerful membership database you can setup and define guardian relationships and ICE contacts.
You can even setup that mom and dad will receive event invitations and grandmom receives the membership invoice.

Using our iOS and Android app you can quickly contact the correct ICE (in case of emergency) directly from the pitch without digging through your internal notes.

Take Control of your Member Database

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