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Here's why you should choose BoardHippo

  • Step 1 - Create your meeting agenda with decision topics and any documents you need to share.

  • Step 2 - Upload a list of people that can access the meeting.

  • Step 3 - Open the meeting, allow your members to access any documents and vote on the decision point.

  • Step 4 - The chairman takes the formal decision and automatically a participation and voting ledger is created.

Our Pricing


€25 / Meeting

  • Price is per meeting
  • Up to 1,500 meeting participants
  • Billed per meeting, price excl VAT


€19 / Month

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Up to 1,500 meeting participants
  • Billed annually, price excl VAT

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Track voting with a smart dashboard

Our dashboard gives you a clear overview of voting in real time without needing to reload the page. The board makes decisions once a sufficient number of votes have been tallied or the deadline for voting has passed.

This set up also creates member engagement and transparency. Members can follow what is happening and you avoid questions about why a decision was made and how. Everything is recorded and visible by opening the app and viewing the decision log for that issue.

Voting on all levels

Using BoardHippo, you can conduct digital voting at all levels in your association. Sometimes all members participate, sometimes only a certain group, and at times an individual team or just the board. You control who takes part.

Regardless of who is voting, it is easy to set up voting in the tool - and all that is needed is the click of a button. Members can vote without needing to download an app or remember complex log-in information.

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BoardHippo – Tool for boards and managers

BoardHippo is the ultimate tool for preparing and conducting board meetings - a key feature for all types of associations.

Here's even more reasons why you should choose BoardHippo

  1. BoardHippo makes your more club democratic. Set up anonymous online voting and give everyone a chance to participate in your association, club or team.

  2. All decisions then become well founded. Attach the material needed for voting so everyone can make well informed decisions.

  3. You can stop with long, drawn-out board and annual meetings. Most topics are then already discussed in advance so you can instead focus on planning and improve your business.

  4. All decisions are recorded. Your decisions are saved. You can go back and see what decisions were made and why at any time.


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