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Increase revenues, manage memberships and simplify administration with CoachHippo. Our cloud-based tool helps you automate time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the fun.

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We make collecting membership payments easy. CoachHippo offers card or direct payments and automatic reconsilliation.

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Attract Sponsors

Focus on what's fun - not collecting money. With our crowdfunding feature you can find new sponsors, big and small, without hassle.

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Dynamic Database

Our dynamic membership database keeps track of all your information and offers automatic invoicing of membership fees.

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Always Up To Date

Access the latest financial reports anywhere, anytime.

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Empower Your Members

Let members give valuable feedback online. 100% anonymous.

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Smooth Event Management

Schedule events and invite guests. Simple one-click RSVPs.

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Smart Payment Management!

Get paid on time by giving members payment flexibility. CoachHippo offers different payment methods and automatic reconcilliation, while making it easy to keep track of transactions in your accounting system.

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What Our Customers Say

I was looking for a tool that could help me manage my member payments - with CoachHippo I found so much more than that! Tracking member payments are now done in minutes instead of hours and the excellent support helped me get up and running in no time.

Hyde Park Estate Association

Before we found CoachHippo we were managing new membership registration via email which we manually entered into a Before we found CoachHippo we were managing new membership registration via email which we manually entered into a spreadsheet. With CoachHippo we have simplified the time-consuming administration, our membership database is always up to date, our members' payments are handled automatically and we are now following GDPR.

HS-föreningen Sverige

It was so easy to pay my kids membership fees using card payments. It took less then a minute from when I received the invoice until it was paid

AIK Fotboll

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One group with up to 20 members, automated invitations, online payments, CashFlow reports and much more.

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In addition to Free you get 250 members per group, e-mail support, custom notification settings for automated invitations & reminders, anonymous voting, task list and much more."

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75 Or €750 /yr

In addition to Group the Organization plans gives you a group hierarchy where you centralize and aggregated information into the parent group for thousands of members.

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  • Member List

    Member List

    Having a member list that fit your needs is crucial so that you don't have to track additional information in spreadsheets or on sticky notes. You decide what information you want to track by defining your own member attributes in the dynamic list. You only need their e-mail address to add them into your list and then you grow from there.

    We believe in transparency, and so does the EU, with the GDPR directive, all information you keep about your members is also available to them in their profile.
    The members can easily access and update their own information so that you don't have to!

    Restricting access to data is crucial, using roles you decide who should see the data, and you can also set the read and update permissions on individual fields so that the member can update all attributes except the ones you want control over.

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  • Communication


    Communicating with your members used to be a pain in the butt but technology have really helped a lot, but it has also created a situation where you use multiple tools to notify your members such as Facebook groups, SMS and e-mail which means that you have to add the members to many different applications.

    With smart tags you can create segments within your groups and you can use these tags to communicate with members, invite them to events and more.

    We want to make it easy for your members to stay updated so the entire message is always delivered directly to their device so that they do not need to take any additional action such as opening a web browser just to get the information you wanted to send them.

    Saving time for both you and your members!

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  • Events


    You can create events from anywhere directly in our app. Invite members, define when the automated e-mails should be sent out. You can even decide what time of day the notification should be sent out so your members do not receive any more annoying e-mails late on Sunday evening.
    Take attendance at the pitch and access statistics that can be used when you take out your team for the next match.

    Members respond to e-mail or in-app invitations and reminders with a click of a button, no login required.

    You can organize drop-in events where people register using their name and e-mail, use it to organize pre-season friendly matches, spontaneous football events, cups & camps or anything else you can think of.

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  • Finances


    Being the treasurer is an unappreciated, but crucial, role and we give you the best possible tools to manage your finances.

    Your members pay the fees in seconds using credit card and direct debit and you get automatic reconciliation and an interactive cash flow report.

    We aggregate the payment information for you into ledgers so that you see all the details you need, even from our mobile app.

    The ledgers are kept per group and per member so you can quickly see your financial status without having to select and count individual invoices.

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  • Democratization


    Wouldn't it be great if you could ask your members for input to any type of decision, small and big? For example, should we attend this hockey cup that will cost about $150 per attending player?

    Create a topic, discuss in real-time and then open it for anonymous online voting and watch the results come in real-time.

    When the voting end you as the Chairman of the board takes a decision and everything is stored in the cloud, the discussions, the voting summary and your decision text.

    Think how nice it is when a parent asks why you took that decision and you quickly look at the decision log and can provide a confident answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't really have time to get started

    We help you save time by automating time consuming manual tasks such as updating the membership list, reconcile payments, member communication and more. Everyone receives a 14 day trial for free, check out this short introduction video to get into the details on how you can save more time.

  • Isn't it difficult to migrate my members from my current solution?

    Our dynamic membership list can handle any information you throw at it which makes importing data a breeze since you do not have to perform any complicated field to field mappings.

    We have pre-built import functions and if your system is missing, let us know and we will build an importer for you!

    As an example we helped AIK Ungdomsfotboll to migrate their 80+ teams into CoachHippo and it took less than 40 minutes where the most time was spent exporting the information from their old system.

  • Do you have annoying ads?

    We believe in providing you with the best possible service, serving ads does not benefit you or your players so we happily provide you with an ad-free experience and therefore do not display any annoying ads in our application!

  • How does CoachHippo help to democratize my membership organization?

    A membership organization cannot exist without it's members and that is why it is crucial to provide them with the best possible service and make it easy for them to be engaged.

    CoachHippo helps you to get a better input to your decisions by empowering the members to vote for important matters using anonymous online voting.