Quick Overview

It is very easy for your members to get a quick insight into what is relevant to them, for example event invitations, e-mails and news. CoachHippo does not have any irritating ads that is ruining the experience for you and your members.

We want it to be easy for your members. That is why they can act on information without having to login, for example responding to the next event invitation is done by a click of a button directly from the e-mail.

Who are the admins?

You can see who the leaders and admins are in your group and contact them with a click of a button.

Event Calendar

You can easily see past and future events and you can also subscribe to the groups calendar and have the events appear in your own calendar (for example in your phone). You subscribe either from a event invitation e-mail or by logging in to CoachHippo.

By logging in to CoachHippo you can also access the files that your association have uploaded.