Smarter payments for your association

We know how difficult it is to be a treasurer that are giving away your valuable time to help your association. So we created the ultimate tool that helps you and your members to better manage the member fees.

We believe that if it is easy to pay, members will pay - Enable your members to pay via card, direct debit, Apple Pay and Pay with Google today!

The many different payment options together with the possibility to pay in partial installments creates a number of positive effects:
1) You will get a part of your member fees immediately since it is easier for a member to pay a small installment than a big chunk up front.
2) You get a much smoother cash flow, i.e there is always money in your bank account.
3) Makes it possible to move to a subscription based membership instead of annual memberships, think of it like Netflix for associations where you only pay for the time you are a member.
Sure not all types of associations are ready for this but a great number will find this a great way to recruit and retain members.

Great - how do I get started with the smarter payments?

We have put together everything you need to know in a blog article, it's currently only available in Swedish and the English version will come in a few days.

Family memberships - as it should be.

Does your association offer family memberships? Then you surely spend a lot of time creating these invices.

With CoachHippo it is really easy to invoice member fees and family membership using our smart auto-invoicer. The family relations are already setup in CoachHippo (via guardians to a member). We look at these relations whenever someone pays a family invoice. We the identify all the relations and mark all of them as paying members.

Read more about it in this blog article: