Smarter board work in your association

How do you engage your members and take better decisions?

Obviously - By empowering your members to participate in the decision process!

Organise anonymous online voting

It is possible to arrange anonymous polls via CoachHippo, which will help you, for example, to get a better decision making material and to take important board decisions without having to have a physical board/committee meeting.

A poll can be opened for the entire association or only for the board. It is possible to comment in real time and you can of course choose your own poll questions and options. I.e you are not bound to simple yes / no / blank voting.

The poll results are updated in real time and you can easily follow how many of your voters that have cast a vote. The chairman of the board can at any time stop a voting process and make a decision on the poll. All polls and decisions end up in the decision ledger - so it's super easy to go back in history and check on which grounds a specific decision was based on, including the comments that was made.
You can read more here.

Store documents and track your to-dos.

Using the board feature you can easily upload documents that anyone in your association can read, a smart way to store your policies and core values documents.

Keep track of your tasks in the to-do list, available to all board members, and never forget any of your important tasks again.