Communicate with your members - easily and efficiently!

It is more likely that your messages will be read if they are sent to a targeted audience.

It is super easy to communicate with your members with CoachHippo!

e-mail broadcasts

We give you many different options to send targeted email broadcasts to your members. You can segment by using groups, roles (admins, treasurers etc) which is enough for most broadcasts. But we give you even more flexibility - you can create your own segments using our smart tags system where you simply add a tag to one or more members and then use these tags as e-mail recipients.

Your e-mail broadcasts also show up in your members activity streams and in their regular inbox. This makes it very easy for your members to get access to your important messages.

Ready to get started? Read this blog article which gives you all the information you need to be a better communicator.

How many members actually open and read my messages?

There is a thing called read receipts, which unfortunately only gives you an indication if the message was opened be the intended recipient. It could just as well be that the recipients e-mail server "opened" the message and not the actual person. Either way we believe that you still should see this "Open Rate" which you will find under the communication section.

Confirm Message

An even better way to ensure that your members actually received the message is to ask them to click a little confirm button that is included in all e-mail broadcasts. This way you know that a person has confirmed the e-mail messages - this confirmation rate can also be found under the communication section.

Publish news

You can publish news via CoachHippo and the news are shown in your members activity streams and on your own news page. You can even fetch the news (and other information) using our public API's and have the news items be displayed on your own website. Contact us and we will help you get up and running with an integration.

It should be easy to publish news, that's why me enable you to find awesome pictures for your news articles from one of the best image galleries for high quality images on the Internet.

You can notify your members about the newly published news article - by simply clicking a button an e-mail with the article image, title and excerpt will be sent out to all your members with a link to read more.