Complete Configuration Guide

In this section we go through the details of all the settings you can make that helps your association / sports club / non profit to automate the time consuming administration.

You can for example find setting such as should event invitations be automatically sent out? What should the welcome e-mail look like that all new members receive? And much more.

Welcome your new members

All new members in your association automatically receive a welcome e-mail, this includes members that signup using the external registration form and also members that you add manually. You can edit, or event disable this e-mail under Group Settings -> Registry


The Group Settings

You will find the Group Settings after you login, in the bottom left corner there is a small cog wheel.

General Settings


Pretty simple - the name of your association. You can change it whenever you want.


You can modify the look and feel of CoachHippo by choosing between several hundred different color combinations. These colors and the logo will appear on all e-mail communication which helps you strengthen your brand and for your members to quickly see that the information is coming from something that they know and care about. How do I change the logo? Simple - just click on the Hippo up on the top left corner and upload your own logo.

Grouping Label

Only used when you have an organisation with multiple sub-groups. The benefit with sub-groups is that each group has their own administrators that can manage the group and on the top level you get an aggregated view of all your groups. This includes statistics, consolidated membership database and much more. Contact us if you want to get started with this feature.

Default punchcard settings

You have the possibility to assign virtual punchcard to members, every time they are marked as attended to an event a punch will be made. A smoother way of keeping track of for example try out players.


An important setting, if it is set to for example Europe/Stockholm the default language will automatically switch to Swedish. Any other timezone will default the language to English

Grouping tags

This is what you can use to create your own segments that you can use for creating more targeted e-mail communication. You can also use them to have members "stand out" a bit mor in the registry list. Common use cases are to tag players in different competition teams, let's say that Team Blue has two teams in the season competition called Team 1 and Team 2. You can tag players for each team within Team Blue and use these tags to invite players to specific matches and practices based on their tag.


A very important part of the settings: CoachHippo automatically sends out event invitations, reminders and summaries to all your events. This is where you define if they should be sent out and to whom. You can send them to: Everyone, Leader, Admins and the board or any combination.

Your members easily respond to invitations by simply clicking on of the buttons in an e-mail without logging in: Attending, Not Attending, Not Sure. You can disable the option Not Sure under the notification settings.

You decide on each event when the reminder and summaries should be sent out, you can easily change this at the time of creating an event or when editing and event.


This is where you define if you should allow external registrations externa, it's a public registration form where new members can signup to join your association / group / sports club. All new registrations are added as "inactive" and the admin will have to activate them manually. Don't worry, the admins will get a reminder e-mail about once a week notifying them about new registrations. You can read more about it on our blog.

Ask for member information: If this is activate, all members will get an e-mail asking them to fill in more information about them selves after they have been marked as attended N number of time. It's a great way to minimize the data you need when registering new individuals before they know if they want to be members.

Activate external membership id series: It is possible to have your own membership Id series, i.e. a unique number per member that is automatically incremented when new members are signed up. If you already have a membership id series you simply add the latest used number and we will continue the series from there.

Send welcome e-mail: CoachHippo automatically sends out a welcome e-mail to new members, you can obviously modify this message to fit your needs.

Other: A few times per year CoachHippo will send an e-mail to your members asking them to review their details in your membership list. A feature that many of our users like and saves a lot of time for the admins. The e-mail send out to the members have a unique link that is only valid for a couple of days, via this link they can access their details and update them if necessary.

Auto invoicer

It is possible to automatically invoice your membership fees and have the fees automatically renew. A great way to retain members. You activate this function, define you membership start and end month.

You must then define your membership products which you can read more about in this blog article.

LOK Subsidy

It is possible to have CoachHippo automatically report information to IdrottOnline for LOK subsidy reports. This is a feature specific for the Swedish associations. Read more about it in this article which guides you through the required setup.

The LOK Subsidy reporting is free for all our customers!

STFF Import

Another feature specific for the Swedish market. It is possible to import football matches for your team from "sanktan". The import is run about 1-2 times per day and you can at any given time synchronize you teams matches. Read about it here.