Collect Donations
For your team & school class.

We believe that it should be easy for you to get extra money for your team or school class.

Crowdfunding is an easy way to get more money without taking away time from what truly matters.


Raise money for your cause

Selling salami sausages and bbq spices to get extra money - to cover costs for the training camp, cup or graduation is time consuming and takes away time from school, friends, family, sports and recovery.

Crowd funding is the smarter way to get extra money for your team & school class!

This is how it works


Step 1.

Create your donation page

You describe why you need a donation and set the target for how much money you need.


Step 2.

Share your crowdfunding page

Share your page on social media, in your next newsletter, email it to friends and extended family - and use the power of the many to collect donations.

Anyone can see how much money you have raised and how many people are helping you reach your goal.


Step 3.

Follow up your donations

You can easily see how much money you have raised using tables and charts.

You can easily export a list of your supporters and see who donated what.

Generate more revenue for your club - today!

It only takes a minute to get started


Price Comparison

Selling salami sausages, clothing, spices or any other product might at first seem like a good way to get money for your team.

But how much money do you actually receive?

It's common that you only receive 25% of the product price, most of the money goes to a company even though you have to do most of the work - we believe that this is very unfair!

Using donations you will instead receive close to 100% of the donated amount - enabling more people to contribute more money to the cause.

No Fixed Costs

The pricing is really simple, no fixed costs, with only a small fee on the donated amount.

The fee breakdown is: 2.5% platform fee and 1.4% + €0.25 card processing fee.
As an example: A donation for €25 is made, you will receive €23.43 in your account.

Simple Accounting
All donations are paid out directly to your bank account and you receive a receipt that contain all details for you to do your accounting.
Adjust the payouts to once per month and you will save even more time by reducing the number of accounting events.


Where does the money go?

It's a question that you definately should ask!
The transfer of funds goes from the person making the donation to the payment processor (Stripe) and then the money is then deposited into your account.

CoachHippo has no access to your money at any time, which is exactly how we want it. The money is yours, not ours, not even for a second.

Generate more revenue for your club - today!

It only takes a minute to get started