Smarter Member

We believe that it should be easy for your members to pay their member fees.

The easier it is for your members to pay -
the faster you will get your money.


Take control of your cash-flow

Managing the associations finances can at times be quite tricky, more often than not an individual team leader will have to pay expenses with their own credit card and then chase payments from the members.

There is a much smarter way to handle your payments!

Collect payments using card, direct debit, pay with Google, Apple Pay & Swish.

This is how it works


Step 1. Create the Invoices

You decide who should pay what and when. CoachHippo will handle the rest.

Choose Invoice Recipients

You can invoice one or more individuals but even better, you can create sub groups and invoice all the group members. For example Team Blue should pay €50 / person, Team Red should pay €65 / person.

Flexible Payment Alternatives

You can decide if the member should be able to slice up the invoice into smaller installments. CoachHippo will automatically keep track and collect future payments.

Pay using your favourite payment methods

We believe that it should be easy to pay the member fees, that is why we enable you to collect payments with card, direct debit, Apple Pay and Pay with Google. Yes, you read correctly, mobile payments!


Step 2. Pay the Invoice

It's really easy for your members to pay their invoice and can even slice it up into smaller installments - without having to remember any username or difficult passwords.

We even have customers who has has paid their invoice less than 1 minute after they received it - while sitting on the bus on their way home from work.

Step 3. Keep track of your cash-flow

Update your accounting with a click of a button, we have integrations with the most common accounting systems.



Keep track of expenses

Easily enter your future expenses to visualize your expenses on a chart.

Future Cash Flow

You can work with your cash flow using our interactive charts that shows both past, and future cash flow.

Easily move invoice due dates

You can easily give a member more time to pay their invoice by quickly moving the due date forward.

Payment Methods

We enable you to collect payments with Apple Pay, Pay with Google, card and direct debit.

Branded Invoices

All your invoices are branded with your colors and logo that you have chosen to use in CoachHippo

Automatic Reconciliation

We provide you with automatic reconciliation and you will get a ledger for your association, per group and per member.

Take Control of your cash flow - today

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No Fixed Costs

Our pricing is really simple, you don't have to pay anything to start using our smarter member payments.

There is a transaction cost whenever a member pays an invoice, this fee is coming from the payment processor (Stripe or GoCardless) and you can see their updated pricing on their websites.

CoachHippo also takes a small transaction fee (2%) that is based on the invoice amount, there is a volume discount available if you handle several thousand invoices per month.

All fees are withdrawn from the money when it's deposited into your account so there is no need to pay any additional invoices.

CoachHippo makes it really easy for you to mirror the fees when you create the invoice.


Where does the money go?

It's a question that you definately should ask!
The transfer of funds goes from the payer (your member) to the payment processor (Stripe or GoCardless) and then the money is then deposited into your account.

CoachHippo has no access to your money at any time, which is exactly how we want it. The money is yours, not ours, not even for a second.

One Off Payments

You create your one-off payments with our intuitive invoice builder where you even can allow your members to slice it up into smaller installments

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Recurring Memberships

Wouldn't it be nice if you could setup automatic renewal of membership with automated billing? Well now you can! Create your membership products and invoice individuals or families.

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