CoachHippo - Questions and Answers

Do you usually get questions from your members that you are unable to respond to? Or are you a member wondering about what CoachHippo is?

Then you have come to the right place!
Here you will find the answer to the most common questions. You are more than welcome to help us and add questions to this list by reaching out to us on the chat.

Q & A

How do I login?

All your members automatically get a CoachHippo account when you add them. You can get your password simply by hitting the "forgot password" button on the login page, an e-mail will be sent to the same address that is registered in CoachHippo with instructions.

I do not receive any activation / password reset e-mail

This is most likely caused by you entering an e-mail address that isnt registered at CoachHippo. Pleasea contact your administrator / association and ask them to check which e-mail address they have in their records.

I Cannot see any members in the member list

Only people with the role Event Admin / Leader or Administrator are able to access membership information. Only members with the Administrator role are allowed to make changes to membership information.

Can I add contacts such as guardians?

Yes, of course! You can add a guardian by editing the member, navigating to the Guardian tab and then add the type of guardian you would like to add. You could for example add mom and dad as contacts for invitations and have the invoices sent to grandmom.

Can I import my current member database?

Of course! Contact us and we will import your members for you - free of charge!

Can I see participation statistics?

You can find the participation statistics under Members -> Statistics, there you can filter based on groups and time parameters such as the past 2 weeks or past quarter.

Payments FAQ

These are some common questions and their associated answers in regards to payments

The card is blocked for Internet purchase

The most common issue with card payments being declined is that the card is blocked for doing payments online. Please check in your online banking system and update the settings.

Do Maestro cards work?

No - Maestro cards is a very limited card which is prevented from doing many types of purchases, online purchases included.

How does Direct Debit work?

If you choose to pay via Direct Debit - the first payment will be made about 10-15 days after you enter your details. Make sure to have funds available on that day.

I have not received an invoice

A common reason is that your organisation has an e-mail associated with you that doesnt correspond with the one your are expecting to receive emails on. Please contact your admin so that they can update your e-mail adress, but you can also head over to this link, enter your member id, firstname and get access to all your invoices.

How does partial installments work?

If your association offer you to slice up the payment into smaller installments - you can decide your payment plan, and then all your future invoices will be paid automatically on the payment method you enter (card or direct debit). You will always receive the invoice before it is about to be paid just to give you a heads up - but also to enable you to switch payment alternative. Let's say that you started paying with direct debit you can then later change it to card payments.

Do CoachHippo handle any sensitive payment information?

No! We do not, at any time have access to sensitive payment information. They are stored according to industry standards in accordance with the law at out payment providers Stripe and GoCardless. We do howevere receive a sort of Customer Id from the payment providers wich enables us to withdraw funds from your payment method on behalf of your association.

Where does the money go?

Easy - the flow of funds go from you, to the payment provider and then paid out to your associations bank account. CoachHippo never has access to any funds they stay between you and your association.