Dynamic membership database for you needs

The dynamic membership database does not come with any pre defined attributes other than name, email and mobile number.
Why? Because we believe in the individuals right to personal integrity.

But don't worry! It is super easy to add the attributes that you need to keep about your members!

This sections is organized after the different features that you will find under the menu option "Members".


Exportera Member Database

You can at any time export your membership database in excel format to process the information further.


Create Member Attribute

You can add new attributes under Members -> Membership List and then the little cog wheel in the top right corner.


Setup Member Attribute

Column Name: All attributes needs a name.

Mandatory: If you activate the public registration form you can make this field mandatory.

New Membership Registration: Should this field appear in the registration form?

Visibility: Who can see the information, should almost always be Private.

Responsible: Who can update this information? If the field should appear on the public registration form you need to set this to "Member".

Description: It is best if you describe the purpose behind collecting this information. This will be shown in the public registration form.

Add New Members

You can easily add new members by following a guided wizard or by importing a file containing all your members. We can help you import this file or your can read about our import function.

Step 1 - This is where you enter basic information: Such as name, profile picture, phone number and e-mail. You must enter an e-mail adress, if you dont have one you can just write, [email protected]

Step 2 - Add guardians: If you have minors in your association you should enter at least one guardian, on each guardian you can decide what kind of information they should receive. It is possible to have event invitations sent to the father and invoices sent to the mother. An important note: If there is a guardian defined for invoices the member will no longer receive any invoices, they will only be sent to the guardian.

Step 3 - Punchcard: This is where you can add the punchcard to a member, just skip this if not relevant.

Step 4 - Notifications: Here you define if the member should receive e-mail broadcasts and you can also exclude them from invoicing. Something that you can do on for example coaches that doesnt necessarily should receive invoices.

Step 5 - Roles: Now it becomes quite interesting, this is where you decide what permissions the member should have: This is also where you can assign grouping tags that you created under Group Settings.
The different roles you should assign based on the type of member

Person Assign these roles
Member Active, Member
Leader / Coach Active, Member, Event Admin
Member Administrator Active, Member, Event Admin, Administrator
Chairman of the board Active, Member, Chairman
Board member Active, Member, Board members
Treasurer Active, Member, Treasurer, Administrator

Step 6 - Registry: This is where you can enter information in your own membership attributes.

You can find more information about or dynamic membership management system here:
http://blog.coachhippo.com/membership-management-for-the-administrator/ and http://blog.coachhippo.com/get-new-members-for-you-organization/