Our Story

CoachHippo founder Fredrik Burman is a member and coach for a small football team in Stockholm, Sweden. Match time is scheduled for 06:30 am on Wednesday mornings. This suits busy team members well because all it asks of them (to play football) is to give up an hour or two of sleep one morning a week. Considering that they’ve already committed to playing football outdoors in Sweden between May and October, (where the season usually starts with frost on the pitch and ends with frost or snow) it seems a small price to pay.

So how did Fredrik come to be the team coach? Fredrik has been playing for the football team since 2009. One day (in 2012) the former team coach suddenly announced that he no longer had the time to manage the team and someone else needed to take over, or else the team would be abandoned. When no one wanted to step up and say “Hey, I’ll do it!”, Fredrik said that he would step in as coach, not knowing what he was getting himself into. He realised this was a hasty decision but felt it was better than losing a one of his favourite recreational activities.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long before Fredrik understood why the former coach wanted to step down; just remembering to send out an e-mail invitation to the next game was a stress factor in his already busy schedule. He also struggled to manage invitation responses and keep a good dialogue with teammates when he was swamped with long e-mail conversations going back and forth. Furthermore, keeping track of the team finances was another area that was adding stress in Fredrik’s life. Somehow it seemed that Fredrik always ended up putting more money into the activity than the rest of his team members. In the spring of 2013 Fredrik became a father and managing the football team became a lower priority in his life but he still did his best to manage his team. He wanted to continue coaching the team but also find a way to make it more enjoyable again and more functional, for everyone, which was what brought them together in the first place.

In January 2014 Fredrik started looking for something that could help him manage his football team but none of the different team management websites offered the functionality that he was looking for. The websites that offered the most functionality were too complicated to use, expensive and quite frankly they were ugly to look at. Fredrik decided to create his own site to help him manage his sports team based on his needs as a coach.

CoachHippo is brought to life

The first version of CoachHippo was created in time for the start of the 2014 football season and included functionality that immediately relieved Fredrik’s stress. He started using the site with his team, continuously improving on its features and functionality. His teammates really liked it and gave him so much valuable and positive feedback he became even more dedicated to making CoachHippo a premier service for players and coaches alike!

During the winter season Fredrik was playing floorball (another one of his recreational interests) and he mentioned his site to his floorball coach who said he would give it a try. He was skeptical at first but after a couple of weeks he realized that CoachHippo made his life a lot easier by helping him manage his team, making sure that there were enough players for each practice and game. More players were now members of CoachHippo, the word was getting around...

March 2015 - CoachHippo was officially launched and Fredrik continues improving the service with the goal to relieve stress of coaches and maintain the enjoyment of sports activitites everywhere!